What does a treatment involve?

Each treatment has its own approaches and methods which are as follows:

Reflexology:This treatment is performed with the client sitting on a reclining chair or on a massage couch. It consists of manipulating the feet and lower part of the legs. Light to stronger pressure is applied depending on the condition we are treating. We will be working some reflex points on the feet to stimulate internal organs and other parts of the body like neck, shoulders and back.

Indian Head Massage: This treatment is done with the client in a sitting position. The first part of the treatment we massage neck and shoulders with light to firm pressure to relax muscles. Second part we work on the head with light to medium pressure to help stimulate your brain and then we finish this part of the treatment relaxing your scalp and brain. The final part we work on your face to relax muscles. By the end of the treatment you'll be totally relaxed with a healthier glow in your face. For this treatment you need to have your neck and shoulder uncovered for best effect. Ladies should either wear strap vests which you can pull down or towel wraps with Velcro will be provided for comfort (see photo gallery section of this website).

Polarity this treatment is performed with the client lying on their backs on a couch. The treatment is non-invasive and consists of a mixture of off the body, light and some pressure touches. The idea is to help the energy flow more harmoniously within your body. The first part of the treatment usually involves working the upper body, head, shoulders and arms. The second half of the treatment the middle portion of the body and legs are manipulated to release any tension. Your body should by the end of the treatment feel totally relaxed, lighter and reinvigorated.

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