What skills / knowledge do you possess?

I am a qualified practitioner in Reflexology, Universal Reflexology, Polarity, Indian Head massage, Natural Lift Facial massage, On-site massage with over 2 years experience of delivering treatments to clients in both the UK and Brazil.

More recently (Mar/09) I got full qualification at the Zdenko Domancic method of bioenergy healing.

In Sep/09 I got Credit on my ITEC Holistic Massage exam.  

From January/2010 I'm starting giving introductory courses in Polarity Therapy. If you are interested, please be in touch to get more details. The dates of next course is 14/11/2010.

Now I provide Ayurveda Full body massage - amazing treatment! 

In 2012 I received Leduc MLD (Medical Lymphatic Drainage) certificate to work with people with primary Lymphoedema or due to cancer. 


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