Are there any side effects associated with treatment?

The body goes on reacting to the treatment for about 24 hours afterwards, therefore in order to get the maximum benefit you are advised to:

  •  drink plenty of water and herbal tea to assist the body‘s detoxification process
  • cut down on the consumption of stimulants such as tea, coffee, drugs and alcohol
  • rest as much as possible after your treatment
  • try to avoid undue stress (such as a long drive or exercise)
  • avoid eating a heavy meal, keep the diet light while the body is using its energy for healing
  • avoid smoking

Whilst you may feel tired immediately and for some while after the treatment, this is a natural and healthy reaction. After a good night‘s sleep you should feel pleasantly energised.

People who have a lot of toxins and impurities in their system, or have been under prolonged stress, may go through what is called a "healing crisis" as the body readjusts itself back to balance.

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