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Metamorphosis workshop
Metamorphosis is a set of principles that offer an insightful perspective on relationships and well-being. The gentle hands-on practice helps you let go of deep and chronic tension and together they offer a comprehensive approach that enables us to create happier, healthier lives and as a result, a peaceful world.

Consider this: if you are unhappy in your job, it is very probable that you have high hopes and expectation that people who work with/for you should be behaving in a different way, so you could do your job better; or maybe you expect that your boss recognises what a wonderful worker you are and give you a promotion or a pay-raise that you so much deserve. In fact, when you are in a better balance and not expecting recognition of any sort, you will eventually change your perception and the relationship with your job; you open up to a greater way of living and simply begin accepting life as it is. Sometimes we create a different reality all together: a new job offer, change in your own function - the opportunities are limitless - you just need to be in balance to read the signs around you more skilfully.

This balance and way of living affects every part of your life: family, friends and romantic relationships. At the end of the day, if you analyse, everything is based on the expectations we have of others to facilitate our own happiness.

So what I am proposing is a two-day Metamorphosis workshop with a gap of four weeks between each day. You will have plenty of time to digest the information, practice and bring experiences that you can share, if you so wish. The second day can be repeated as many times as you would like. It is a way to get a refresher in the philosophy of Metamorphosis and exchange treatments and connecting with new people.

Please email for more details for future dates.
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