fingers to toes cross stretching the abdomen abdomen - above/below
Introductory to Polarity Therapy training
This day will be an exciting and very hands-on day and will cover all the basic elements that introduce you to this very different technique. As well as giving a thorough introduction to the benefits of using Polarity in your practice, you will learn how to use 17 holds that make up a complete session that you can then use as a stand-alone treatment to try out on family and friends. It will also be the foundation for advancing onto the full Polarity Therapy Practitioner Course. One of the great advantages of Polarity Therapy is that you can integrate elements of it with almost any therapy. It is very versatile and can be incorporated very easily and effectively with for example Reflexology, massage or even Reiki. Come along and find out for yourself & feel free to share the news with anyone who you think could benefit from learning this excellent skill.

The courses are usually run in Kings Cross or Wimbledon. Please contact me through this site if you are interested in coming to the Introduction day training.

Next training dates: 12/08/2017

Polarity Therapy Training is an approved and regulated by the UK Polarity Therapy Association. Regulated in the UK by the BCMA and BCTC. A list of Licensed and Insured practitioners can be found on the UKPTA web-site at www.polaritytherapy.org.uk
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