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Full Body Massage
Amma Fusion massage uses an exciting blend of the most effective Eastern massage techniques and draws from disciplines such as acupressure, table shiatsu and tuina.

Utilising the model of meridians (pathways of energy), Amma is similar to acupuncture but uses the firm gentle pressure of hands. Amma can help with conditions such as:
* Neck and back pain
* Digestive complaints
* Chronic fatigue
* In preventive health care

Amma is based on concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Amma Fusion focuses on the movement of Chi (energy); strokes take energy from the centre of the body out to the extremities. This in combination with pressure on certain acupressure points unblocks stagnant Chi and increases health and vitality.

This is a very exciting technique as it is very powerful and revitalising, bringing a very deeply feel of relaxation.

£ varies, please check FAQ for more details or contact me direct
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