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Universal Reflexology
Universal reflexology takes traditional methods of reflexology one step further as it truly addresses the balance of mind, body and spirit and how our long held emotions and memories are at the root cause of disease. It incorporates colour visualisations, affirmations, a very light touch and uses each finger and thumb for their different energetic qualities which reflect the chakra system.

Universal reflexology sees the feet as an emotional and spiritual reflection of our being, with disease originating from emotional root issues that are held within our memories and belief system. The disease is a physical manifestation of our inner unease and distress. When we listen to our body and acknowledge, release and heal these emotions and memories, we can then enjoy returning to our natural state of optimum health and harmony.

Universal reflexology addresses the multi-dimensional aspects of our being and brings healing to our mind, body and soul. When the mind and body are at ease there is no need for disease to manifest.

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