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Polarity Therapy
Polarity is a holistic therapy that promotes healing through the manipulation of the body's energy flow, chakra centres and exercises designed to balance and harmonise the individual's energy system.

Originally created by Dr Randolph Stone, a chiropractor and osteopath, polarity brings together techniques from eastern and western therapies into a system that Stone termed the "wireless anatomy of man".

Polarity provides a diverse and effective range of therapeutic techniques which can be used successfully as a stand alone therapy or integrated into other practices such as Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Acupressure, Shiatsu etc.

This energetic approach to healing uses 3 types of touch:
● Sattvic -- a gentle hold
● Rjasic -- a hold that uses movement of the tissue, and
● Tamasic -- a penetrating hold

Through combining these differences in touch, from off body to deep pressure Polarity can provide a technique for almost any occasion.

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