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Finding the treatment that is right for you


This week I went to see an osteopath for a treatment; Something that I haven’t had for a while, but I had a day off and in the centre where I usually work, it was the only therapy available at the time that suited me. 

I went in having had a tightness in my back for a few weeks, especially noticeable when practicing yoga. Two days after the treatment and I find that I’m now in quite a bit of pain in my ribs that is preventing me from doing some yoga poses. Consequently, breathing has also been hard, and the pain is very apparent in a particular area - I was advised I might have some discomfort but I wasn't expecting it to be at this level. 

Through this experience, it has made me reflect on the way I deliver my own treatments and my philosophical approach to my work. Work with the body and accepting that whatever is happening within is a manifestation of some emotional response, sometimes conscious but most of the times unconscious. Most of the time the person has no real idea how the pain is there, and for many health professionals pain is viewed purely as a ‘mechanical’ disfunction of the body and is nothing to do with how/what the person is feeling: stressed, overworked, frustrated, not able to properly digest things and so on. If you google 'energetic reasons' for an ailment you will find some sites offering information and even possible tips on how to overcome it. As always, you need to see if this resonates with you. 

I’m sure there is always a place for a more ‘abrupt’ approach that suits people’s different energy patterns and I believe one sometimes needs ‘a push’ to move on. Previously this has worked for me. 

I realise however that osteopathy isn’t for me on this occasion. I would rather have had a more gentle approach and be treated by someone who can meet me 'half way' and allow my body to work out what needs to release in terms of any stagnant energy, osteopathy doesn’t really offer this. 

This is the reason I like Polarity so much. It’s a powerful tool that allows the client to release anything in their own time. It’s amazing, when the connection with therapist and client happens on a deeper level, at how things can move on quite quickly. 

In polarity you have three qualities of touch: 

  • Sattvic - off the body
  • Rjasic - a hold that uses movement of the tissue, like myofascia release
  • Tamasic - acupressure style of penetrating hold

With these holds, together with the idea behind it of the five Ayurvedic elements (earth, air, fire, water and ether), you have this magnificent tool to work with the person in front of you, that brings release together with relaxation. As I work with this approach, I am sometimes jokingly called ‘magic hands’, as the client feels the release and thinks that it’s me doing it instead of actually them doing all the work of allowing the brain to surrender to the process and the body to cooperate with the release. In a way, the healing process occurs organically. I’m already booking myself a polarity treatment to get my back (which is still tight) and my ribs sorted out. 

What about you? Have you thought of having a go at polarity?


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